Spiritual Dimensions of war, wounding and healing

In this talk given at the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom,  Dr. Edward Tick explores the essential conditions for spiritual healing for troops and veterans and how best to serve spiritual distress both in the combat zone and upon return. He explains how the condition we have come to call Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a new name for an ancient condition known as ‘Soul loss’ or ‘wounding of the Soul’. You can access this talk  ‘Spiritual dimensions of war, wounding and healing’ here:

Dr. Edward Tick has helped develop an organisation called Soldier’s Heart which offers a genuine healing and homecoming from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by developing a new and honorable warrior identity supported by community. There are many free resources on the Soldier’s Heart website site including videos, articles and audio files.

In his article ‘Lost Souls in the wars of the world’ he explains:

‘When bullets are flying or bombs falling, when human beings by the dozens, hundreds or thousands, with all their killing machines, are arrayed against you, when all that you perceive appears bent on your destruction, the soul responds with such terror that it simultaneously attempts to leave the world and do everything in its power to preserve its existence.

Sometimes the soul becomes lost slowly, in a process of erosion due to repeated exposure to violence. Sometimes it occurs suddenly, during one unexpectedly brutal event. Often, survivors can recover the event during which the soul finally fled its connections to the world.  The recovery of this memory is a critical component of psychotherapy with survivors of war and extreme violence.’

Soldier’s Heart is a non profit organisation.

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