Psychotherapy – Redruth, Penzance, Helston, Truro, Falmouth

My name is Howard Tresidder Tonkin. I work as a psychotherapist and depth psychologist, I have worked in private practice for fourteen years. I am accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I can be contacted at

I work ‘face to face’ or on-line via Skype.

I work with adults who experience anxiety, trauma, depression, bereavement, stress related conditions and low self-esteem.

Psychotherapy can be of great help for individuals who:

  • are able to reflect on their life experiences
  • are willing to look at themselves
  • can recognise that they are at least partly responsible for the problems in their life
  • have a serious motivation for change

The individual who engages in psychotherapy will develop new and reflective ways of understanding, approaching and moving through their life.

A lot of the work I do is with adults who have experienced a significant break/s or deficit in their childhood attachment relationship to parent/guardian, this can include bereavement, abandonment, childhood abuse and/or a childhood lived in boarding school. I have also done a lot of work with ‘high functioning’ individuals and people who could meet the criteria for the term ‘adult attention deficit disorder’ (ADD).

I undertook post graduate psychotherapy trainings at Regents College and the CCPE in London.  These psychotherapy trainings focussed on Psychodynamic, Analytical (Jungian) and Transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy. My post qualification studies have been primarily focused on three main areas: colonial/post-colonial psychology, cultural and transgenerational trauma and the intersection of spirituality and psychology.

Prior to working as a psychotherapist, I worked in ‘the business world’ in management and consultancy roles. During this time, I completed a Masters degree (MBA) specialising in group and leadership behaviour and spent a period of time studying on the Doctorate programme in Business Studies (DBA) before beginning my training as a psychotherapist.

Details about the cost of psychotherapy can be found by clicking here, including information about lower cost and reduced fees for those who are unable to afford the full price.

Please note that I do not offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or ‘person-centered’ counselling. Counsellors and CBT therapists can be found on the counselling directory.

Lavar koth:                                                                     An old saying:
‘An lavar koth yw lavar gwir,                                    What’s said of old will always stand,
ny vos nevra dos vas a daves re hir,                       too long a tongue, too short a hand,
mes den heb taves a gollas y dir’                           but he that had no tongue had lost his land’


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